If this is not the correct forum to post about seeking employment, then please advise and move this to the appropriate forum. I saw no indication of any forum more suitable for this topic. Thanks.

I am seeking long or short term employment, either part time or full time. I have many years experience doing server administration, technical/user support, programming, installations, configurations and more.

I am familiar with Linux, *BSD, and other Unix variants.

I am very familiar with the Apache web server and have some Stronghold and Zeus experience as well. Also; Virtual hosting, SSI, CGI, etc.

I have experience and knowledge of installing, configuring and using Apache, Apache modules (such as mod_rewrite, mod_ssl, mod_perl, fastcgi, SuEXEC, mod_throttle, mod_php, mod_frontpage, and many more), etc.

I am also familiar with, have knowledge of, know how to configure and use all of the following:

ProFTP, WU-FTP, NcFTPD, SecureFTP, SSH, SSL, telnet, DNS/BIND, MySQL, Ip Chains, TCP Wrappers, firewalls, SMTP, POP, Qmail, Sendmail, CGI, PHP, HTML, ASP, PPP, TCP/IP, various security issues, control panels, etc. I have built and configured complete production web servers, name servers, mail servers and more.

I have a lot of experience using vi, grep, pico, ee, sed, awk, Perl, bash and various shells, crontab, and all the other *nix basics, intermediate and advanced programs and tools.

I have experience on shared and dedicated servers, securing them, configuring them for performance and software additions. I am familiar with and have installed many Perl modules and 3rd party software and scripts.

I have much experience trouble shooting server and user problems, abuse issues and user's scripts and programs.

I know how to program/code in Perl, PHP, C & C++, and have limited knowledge of Python and Tcl, and various other scripting and compiled languages.

I have experience with assistance via email, messenger and phone, as well as ticket systems.

I am quite familiar with many security issues and how to prevent many local and remote compromises/exploits, system monitoring, security policies and rules and much more in that regard.

I have some general to decent experience with sales as well, as this is a fairly simple task and I usually end up playing the biggest role in administration, setting up user accounts, configuring the system and services, etc. However, I do have good people skills and have done sales with a successful sign-up percentage.

Added my ability to offer realistic support in addition, trouble shoot problems, advice and assist the user after sign-up, I have proven I can provide a service that results in a very high account retention percentage.

I am in my 20's and I live in the U.S.A. My hours are very flexible and I am basically an all around knowledgeable person with any server administration, support and programming type of task(s).

I realize that I don't know everything (who does?), but I'm always learning, and I've been at this for years and I'm confident I know enough to make me an all around value to pretty much any online provider, especially in the hosting industry.

I am very interested in hearing any serious offers from any hosting company that might be interested in one or more of my qualifications, experience and abilities.

Thank you for your time and interest, I can provide more details upon response to any serious replies I get. Please feel free to email me at: webanatomy@yahoo.com if you are interested.