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    clicking link opens two copies of the same file

    clicking link opens two copies of the same file
    Hi everybody,

    I have to admit that I'm not sure whether this problem results from a server-side or client-side or from which part of my HTML coding (which I've also tried to do in Javascript).
    What's happening is that I have a page with four links to different MSaccess files on a network drive (simple enough). Whenever I click the top two links, MSAccess opens twice and two copies of the same file appear. On the bottom two links, only one copy appears.
    I've checked my html code (and tried the same thing in Javascript), and both were so simple (only 4 links or 4 window.open() functions) that I cannot understand why it's doing this. I'm running the program on a Unix OS, on company Intranet, and viewing with Microsoft IE v5.50. The only difference I can note between the two identical files that were opened is the placement of the file window in the MSAccess application window. One is right aligned, and the other is centered.
    The only other thing I can think of that's relevant is that this page is one frame in a much larger website...could some other frame/script be causing the error? Can somebody please tell me what's going on and where this error is coming from? This has got everyone around me totally puzzled. Thanks so much! (The code is included below):



    <BODY BGCOLOR = "navy" LINK="deepskyblue" ALINK="white" VLINK="orange">

    <A HREF="File://Erp/Doc_Ctrl/Access/file name 1.MDB" TARGET=_new>
    MCR (Mask Cross Reference) </A>

    <A HREF="File://Erp/Doc_Ctrl/Access/file name 2.MDB" TARGET=_new>
    Test Cross Reference</A>

    <A HREF="File://Erp/Doc_Ctrl/Access/file name 3.MDB" TARGET=_new>
    Assembly Cross Reference</A>

    <A HREF="File://Erp/Company/public/reports/file name 4.MDB" TARGET=_new>
    Engineering Designation Form</A>

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    [list=1][*]Try file:///, not file://[*]Put the value of your target attribute in quotes[*]Replace the spaces in the filenames with %20[/list=1] See if that makes a difference.

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