i'm trying to pick up some web contract work and have only a couple personal sites in my portfolio. people often ask, "what would it cost to do that?"

i was wondering what people would estimate (in $$$) for these two builds:
uac.pdx.edu - open source php site. mysql database for links page, online, public editing of routes pages, get and pull of local weather.

PortlandAlano.org - HierMenus, simple javascript footer, strong css, copy of all images.

i have a hard time estimating the time it even took to make them because i was learning but to redo it, maybe 40 hours on PortlandAlano.org and 100 on the uac.pdx.edu site? twenty an hour as a cheap contractor.... $800 & $2000 -NO WAY?!?

maybe $3500 & $5000?

am i in left field here?

thanks in advance for an advice.