Hi I have been experiencing an intermittent refresh problem with two sites I have created and I cannot for the life of me work out why it is happening. So I thought I might post here to see if anyone may have experienced a similar problem and has managed to get to the bottom of it.

The sites in questions are both in framesets and both require http authentication. The problem happens usually directly after logging in and being taken to the welcome screen. Then, seemingly, the index (frameset) refreshes and you have to log in again. It happens intermittently, probably every 50-100 log ins maximum, possibly less frequently than that.

The sites in question are both on a win2000 server as is the computer I use to access them. The sites do not have much in the way of client side scripting happening but use SQl server and written in ASP using javascript as the default language.

I have no reports from users of this happening so I am wondering if it is a win2000 thing seeing as no users would really be using 2000.

Any ideas?