I've just about finished setting up a polling system for the site I'm working on (it's for a music community in the UK and the poll will basically allow ppl to vote for their favourite stuff in the music industry locally). Anyway, my reason for posting is to get comments and opinions on polling systems.

I'm hoping people who've set up polling systems themselves and have useful ideas can comment, although anyone with ideas please go ahead! I'd like ideas for how to 'represent' the polling system on the front page. Some ideas for example are:
  • place the most popular poll results on the front page
  • place the least popular poll results on the front page (to get extra votes on it
  • place a list of the available polls on the front page for ppl to vote in
  • some combo of the above!
Anyone got any ideas?

The system is at: http://sonictown.php4hosting.com/phppolls/phppolls.php - please feel free to have a look at the way it's setup (let me know what you think and if you can manage to vote twice in the same poll - I setup a combined cookie/IP locking system, so would be interested to know if it works/is easily 'broken').

Thanx for your time