The reason for all these questions about the Wc3 and such is because of one of my sites... I'm only in the first stages where I create a plain HTML page for me to use later on as a template. This site is going to be for a retirement home so I want this to be accessible. I think it makes sence to make such a web site compliant to section 508. Even if it will most likely be the children looking at this site (ages from 40 to 60) I still want them to know that we care enough to make this site accessible.

I've mostly done the look of the page, except for the nav bar that doesn't seem easy to read. Using Bobby I think I'm approved?
I'd like to get your opionions if you know how to make such a web site. I thought of making a text based version but the site is rather simple enough so I just thought about modifying it...

I think it's pretty good. It also validates under HTML 4.0 and CSS validated, I might add.

Here is a link to the page. Do you think it passes 508???

Thanks for your input,