I've finally rolled out This site is more of an application than a website (you should see the number of php scripts involved!)

The site has over 2,000 tutorials (and growing daily)... thousands of PHP and JavaScripts... ways to show off your skills, agents to automonitor for new tutorials, reviews, articles, scripts, plug-ins, etc.

The job section is just starting to roll... but I believe it will eventually get pretty large as companies do not have to pay for an account and they get a TON of features.

I am aware that there are still some issures (I'm hard at work on them)... It is best viewed with IE5 and up with resolutions of 1024x768 and up. I'm addressing these things next week.

I'd love to know what you guys think of it so far. This has been a true labor of love.

Jason Busby (BuZZ)
Lead Author - Mastering the Art of Production with 3ds max 4