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    Putting a Game on CD


    Basically I've made a game in flash and having been trying to put it on a cd, but I've never put anything I've made on a cd before and have some questions.

    1) Is there anyway to hide all the files except for help documents, the executable, and the autostart?

    2) Is there anyway to prevent windows from opening the "media" dialogue after finding the audio files used in the game

    3) Is there still no way to burn a cd to autostart on mac and pc without doing it from a mac.

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    Moving this to the Lounge, it's game related but you'll get better answers there
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    @question1: As much as I know, in flash you can embed your media files inside the .wf file itself!

    However I do not believe you can hide the content! if it was possible, I think several game manufecturers would have used it to prevent their games content from being copied!

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    one option would be to encrypt your files, and decrypt them as part of the game start

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    MDM Zinc is perfect for what you want. It can do all kinds of awesome things. It let's you interact with the OS (cross-platform). Auto-running cds are no problem either.

    You have to pay for it but it's damn cheap considering what it can do. It's currently 149 / $299 (you can download a free trial)

    It's very easy to decompile a SWF, but your game should be published as an .exe file anyway. Because then the computer it is run on wont need the Flash player installed.

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