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    So Ive had a website built as a proof of concept with the help of offshore devs. Q?

    I spent about a year on this project and the site with a certain level of complexity to it didn't turn out all that bad. However there are little issues that still need to be fixed. Along with it, I wanted to have someone with an expert knowledge of PHP/Jquery/codeigniter etc to take a look at the source-code to analyse it's quality. I was already told by many that the the sourcode file is way too big and there's likely other bugs.

    I'd much appreciate it if anyone here could help lead me into the right direction of having my sourcecode analyzed. I was thinking of just posting up a project on one of the freelance websites to see if there are any takers who'd want to take on this task. I just want to make sure that this thing's not gonna fall apart on me a day after it's launch...
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    I know this is a bit old, but I've not been about of late

    I'd start with testing the website, to see how it holds up under pressure.
    Get a number of friends to test the website at say 7pm and report any exceptions in usability or errors.
    Then move up to soak testing to see how it behaves under load. This may require a developer to write some testing scripts, and then a few machines with multiple instances of the scripts, perferably over a variety of geographical locations - may highlight some issues with routing, or speed issues for remote users

    The number of lines of code in a project is not in itself a measure of quality, and to infer that there's errors in the code purely on that metric would be an unsafe assumption IMHO.

    There are software metrics, but from my own point of view, these were gathered for middle line managers so they could gather data that would form KPI's for their management reports, but YMMV

    A lot of the code may only fire in rare circumstances
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