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    Thumbs up New Natural User Interface for gaming

    Dear game developers,
    I am a student at a University in Sweden involved in a research project for a new Natural User Interface for gaming applications. We are researchers developing a finger ring that embeds several micro sensors (as a bundle of accelerometers, gyroscope and magnetometer) combined with a Bluetooth/wifi communication protocol.
    This finger ring has similar characteristics as the smartphone sensors -but packaged in a normal finger ring- and can track the position of a user's finger/hand in 3d space (xyz coord system), together with the information about acceleration and orientation in space.

    Would you developer be interested in such a device for creating new interactive applications?
    And how would you use such an innovative device?
    Imagine that the user will have the possibility to interact with your gaming applications in a Wii-like style.

    Thank you and wait to hear your thoughts and comments!
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    Does this new 'natural interface' create standard 'cues' such as keystrokes or will the entire UI have to be rewritten to take advantage of it?

    Such a ring would have other implications in real world programming, remember the holo screens in "Minority Report", well apart from the holo screen, your ring should be allow programmers to realise that functionality, albeit on projected monitors, or traditional screens

    Finding a market that would use that functionality would be the next thing,
    1) stock brokers, able to call up ticker symbols with bespoke gestures, airborne typewriter, trade executions (security (vision (obscurity moreso) would be important here)) wouldn't want the competition to know what trades you're making.
    2) Military applications - possibilities are endless, but testing would possibly kill your budgets
    3) Live 'video feed' aggregation, and editing on the hoof
    4) KPI drill down
    n) possibilities are endless
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    Hi and thank you for your reply! The ring can be used
    - as a mouse, so the UI does not have to be rewritten
    - as a new way of interaction (as the Minority report that you were mentioning), so the UI should be re-thought a little, in order to fully exploit the capabilities of this device. For example you could associate some commands to some gestures.

    The most similar thing I think is the Wii remote. Think of the many possibilities that developers would have to create new interaction with gamers!

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