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    Triangles Slopes and Basic Trig.

    I have been trying to wrap my head around this. I am working on a game and now am stuck. It has been too long since trig to remember how to do this, or even check my work. So, boiled down I have an angle, and need the rise/run with the rise (y) being 1. So 1/x.

    On some scratch paper I came up with

    25* = 1/x
    25*x = 1
    x* = 1/25 then multiplied by 180, came up with 7.2 as either hypotenuse, or the bottom.

    Then I tried out instead of starting with 25*, used 25*/180* and did the math ending up with 2.2.

    I don't know if the answers are right or what they correspond to, everything on google confused me because I cant figure out what the results refer to.

    Note: * is used as degrees.

    Thanks, anyone have insight?
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    Is the angle opposite the vertical side (y-axis)? tan(25) will be y/x...
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    with rise/run, you are looking at opposite_side / adjacent_side which would use trig's TANGENT function.
    TAN(angle_in_degrees)=Rise/Run or Run=Rise/TAN(angle), which would give you Run=1/TAN(25) or Run=1/.4663 or Run=2.1445

    As a double check , there is this site I found HERE

    EDIT: Requinix, you beat me to it.

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