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    Q's about learning programming.

    I am hoping to hear from somebody in the programming/IT industry.

    Is it worth learning some programming languages poissibly for future employment prospects? I am 35. My buddy seems to think I have
    the right type of thinking to be a programmer and tells me I could get work with it eventually although I think he is just
    talking rosy b.s. he is pretty skilled with computers though and tells me I have potential because he can tell. I know the basics
    but nothing fancy.

    could any work prospects come out of learning a couple or a few languages but NOT the real real deep ones like C++? Most say C++ is
    wayyy more complex than other languages which would take a lot longer to learn. Also my work background has always
    been with retail work and nothing to do with IT so as far as any experience in the field is concerned I don't really
    have any and i'm certainly not young anymore.

    Also with the economy not exactly thriving right now is it really worth it? please be honest and none of this rosy nonsense.
    Last thing I really want to do is spend years learning something to find out its prettymuch TOTALLY useless!! if I go
    all out learning these skills I am not expecting instant work at the end of it up I am hoping my horizons would be broadened out

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    There are many professional programmers who don't write code in C++.

    If you are a good programmer, you will be able to get a job. Whether you will be a good programmer or not isn't something I can tell you.

    Knowing a specific programming language is not the most important part of being a good programmer though, the concepts and logic skills are even more important.

    Unless you have an actual passion for writing code you will struggle with it though.

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    • richpri agrees : Languages go in and out of fashon. Programming is more than skill with a language.
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