I am looking to hire a few programmers to build a website for me. I am a noob and I only know a few "buzz" word, so I want to make sure I don't look like a complete idiot before I interview them.

Here is the structure I have in my mind:

A main website that lists products from different vendors. - It should have interactive capabilities that let users to book their orders, save their wishlist, redeem coupons etc.

A desktop/mobile application that allow vendors to update their catalog.

PS: I am not looking to build an ecommerce website that accepts payment, in case you misunderstand my questions.

So my questions are 1. Can these be done by either java/php and .net programmers? 2. Whats the "buzz" word for these kind of things? I have heard of random things like j2ee, mvc spring, sql etc. Can you explain the information relevant to the website I have in mind?