This is my first post here... but i have been reading threads here for a while now.

First and formost I am a tattoo artist who enjoys the challenge of website and app development. So I would like to stress the fact that I am self learning all of this code mumbo-jumbo on the fly.

I am currently in need of developing an online client tracking database type site that I am the sole user. I am currently taking suggestions on how to begin this adventure, so please allow me to describe what i need in the database and how i need to have access to it for viewing/editing/adding.

The procees goes like this:
1) add new client information to DB (basic name, age, address type stuff)

2) take a deposit (digital signature on deposit agreement taken)
2b) open new project under said client (with deposit form/info attached at the beginning)

3) set date and time for appointment (link to iCal possible?) under the specific project and have room to add a digitally signed Tattoo Release form regarding that appointment.

-need to have room to add many projects under each client.
-need to have room to add multiple appointments for each project.
-need to be able to collect a digital signature on agreement/release and store them as PDF in database.

I understand that this is a complex string of events and will take all of the cut and paste coding power I have... but i would love to hear some suggestions as to where and how I begin.

I was thinking mySQL database with a clean and easy to use PHP interface?

Any and all help/suggestions are greatly appreciated. I am also willing to toss some cash at anyone willing to dedicate some time to helping me develop this.