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    Its very boring to learn programming alone

    Hi friends, i am zafer.
    learning some programming languages, butits boring to study alone as i dont have any friend here. even in my college all of my friends dont like programming. i love programming but as i encounter any problem i get frustrated.
    please inspire me or if anyone is here who is also learning programming (basic level ) can join me to learn together...
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    I find that programming engrosses me to the point where I wouldn't know if a friend were around or not.
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    As a counter-point to wei: I learned PHP by having my roommate literally dictate code to me, discussing anything I didn't understand as it came up. However, now that I know programming I'd rather be alone in a dark cave with my computer.
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    Originally Posted by ManiacDan
    ... be alone in a dark cave with my computer.
    This was how I saw my first job to be. Just sitting alone in a corner and do programming
    (That my first job is exactly and completely the opposite of what i thought/expected is just plain ironic!)

    The hard part I think is to find an idea that can get you started and keep up the motivation.
    Somehow I think things are either too easy or too complicated/time-consuming. :S
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    I am like that at times too. Very bored, however; you must get motivated and learning a new programming language is fun and just someone said early you wont even realize what's going on around.

    Here are some ideas:
    - Construct a video game. Yes, i said build a video game. There are tons of free gaming engines that can give you the stuff that you need. As of now, the only gaming engine that i used (very little, no time for it) is Unity3d. It's good for mobile gaming. Unreal engines are good for console and pc gaming. Of course you aren't going to build the next big game (it take years to do that), but it's good for practicing programming.

    - Build software. Depends on what you want to learn. If yo uwant to learn PHP then build a forum board from scratch. If you want to learn java or c then build a software for that. For me, i started off with learning java so i build a simple calculator. I need a program that can handle calculus so i build a program that can handle calculus. It was fun to build because i actually use the program.

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