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    What's a "working sample"?

    I've been applying to internships (I'm a junior in college....about to be a senior.) and one of them wants "working samples."

    I don't really understand what this means. Is it an example of code or something?

    I don't really know what to send. I mean I have my projects from school, like my game design project which was huge, but most of what I've done has been a group project. I don't think I've had a solo project where I didn't have a group since my sophmore year first semester, so I don't really know what to show.

    I don't really even know what they're looking for with this....
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    "sample" in this case almost certainly means an example of some code that you've written.

    "working" could mean one of two things:

    1) It could mean that the code sample is actually executable and meaningful by itself (as opposed to be a snippet of code from a larger project which can't be run without the rest of the project or doesn't produce any meaningful results if run by itself).

    2) It could mean code that was written for some real-world purpose (ie: the code does some useful "work" in the real world). In this case, the code might not need to actually be executable, but you should provide a written description of its real-world purpose.

    Without more context I can't really say which it is (possibly even with more context I wouldn't be able to say). To play it safe, you may as well try to cover both bases if you can by sending them a code sample that was written for some real-world purpose and is executable by itself. Something you wrote for a class I would classify as being a real-world example as long as the requirements for it are not too contrived.

    It's OK if the sample is part of a project written by a larger team or group (this is very common), but the piece of the code that you select as your sample should be a piece written by you. Also it is OK to explain that the project as a whole as done by a larger group. Major software projects are never done by a single developer.

    Pick samples of moderate complexity. If you pick something trivial, it doesn't highlight your abilities. If you pick something too complex, the code reviewer won't have the context they need to understand it. You can and should provide some context, but the reviewer doesn't want to have to read a lot to understand your sample.

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