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    Bad smell is coming out of my cars venting system! Does anyone know what it is?


    I have a Jeep wrangler 2005. I went for a ride last night and there is a horrible smell coming from the aircondition vents. A little bit of white smoke too. Smells like bad chemical gas. I opened the hood and can't see anything unusual!

    I am thinking it might be a dead rat or somthing stuck there. Has this ever happened to anyone else? How can I check what this is?

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    You might have to get your heating system cleaned.
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    White smoke/steam from a heater vent is generally a good indicator that you have a coolant leak in your heater matrix.

    However, that being said, some of these guys seem to think that your heater core may have failed.
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    This happened to my brother's buddy. he chose to ignore it, and ended up passing out from the gas while driving. Don't ignore it, get it fixed. Don't ask guys on the internet, ask a mechanic.
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    Don't ignore it, get it fixed. Don't ask guys on the internet, ask a mechanic.
    lol came here to say this. Generally speaking breathing anything that smells like bad chemical gas isn't good for you. Also combustion engines produce a lot of gasses that you really don't want to breath.

    Based solely on what the people in the Jeep forum said it's *probably* nothing serious, but on the other hand, maybe your exhaust system has a leak and is pumping carbon monoxide into the cabin.

    I imagine that a burning rat wouldn't have a chemical smell to it. Try lighting some hair on fire and see if that's what it smells like.

    Once my parent's car got a plastic bag stuck to the exhaust system (underneath the car) and it produced a chemical type smell, although I don't believe there was any smoke.

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