Hello everyone,

Currently at my current job in my IT roll I am:
- Systems Architect
- Database Administrator
- Project Manager

Now I am being asked to do the job of Database Architect too:

I have 18+ years as a Oracle DBA 7x to, and have used as well as PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and MySQL. More recently I have support MySQL community 5.0.51a version, and the company wants to upgrade to the GA standard of 5.6.12 of enterprise edition MySQL. They have even sent me away to MySQL DBA class, as well as MySQL Performance Tuning too.

Now it would seem that they want also have me fill the role of the Database Architect too. My request here is what are some good books to consider to buy for resources to better get a handle on how best or be more effective in doing the DA job.


Here is one book I am considering buying as a reference, what others should I consider?

Next since we have MySQL and Oracle what is the best tool to consider using to help design as a DA. Example MySQL has a simple tool in Workbench, is there a better tool that can be had for not a super ton of money that would work for both MySQL and Oracle dbs?

Thanks in advance.