Dear Reader,

We proudly present the first ever IT Innovations Conference (IINCON). IINCON showcases innovative products and services from all industrial sectors which use IT as its core backend. We aim to bring such products, services, wonders and innovations to limelight and to you. Our focus solely lies on showing you the unseen, unheard, unique and unknown of inventions and innovations which make use of IT from round the world. We wish to focus on how the innovations have affected our daily life, our careers, our thinking and also our world. IINCON is not an ordinary IT Expo or IT event.

We have refrained ourselves from limiting our focus on the IT sector only, in fact the big idea behind the event itself is to focus IT enabled innovations/products/services or even projects from any sector. So if you think you or your product have that unique and innovative thought within, you have the opportunity now to showcase it to the world and attract both appreciation and business.

We provide a global platform for aspiring innovators to share their unique ideas with the world. Our special "Tomorrow's Innovators Competition" give you and your product the exposure and much needed media focus of the ever expanding global market.

IINCON will be attended by visitors from the following sectors:

  • Software Innovators
  • Hardware Innovators
  • Education Technologists
  • Manufacturing Sector Innovators
  • Innovators from the Health Sector
  • Innovators from the Aviation Sector
  • Innovators from the Media and PR world
  • Innovators from the Travel Industry and many more

We invite you to exhibit, attend, innovate and have fun with us at our heart thomping parties at IINCON 2013. Please check our website for event details and you can contact us at if you need any further information about our event or formalities needed to attend the conference.

We appreciate your time.
IINCON Management Team.