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    Your Favorite Programmer? - Role Models?

    I'm starting to really bite into scripting and coding now. But I've always had a problem with learning new things, such as music, driving, etc. It's that I acknowledge that I'm no where near the best, but I try my darndest to become the best I can, and accept that I will be perpetually learning more no matter what.

    So here's my question. Who do you think is one of the greatest programmers? Why do you think he's so great? What can we learn from him?

    I'm personally looking to learn of the best ways to write and script, but any kind of methodology or processes they go through would be extraordinarily insightful! Any ideas?
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    I learned from Selmer Bringsjord and Charles Stewart. The answer is the find the smartest people you can find, and watch how they solve problems. Selmer worked on Edd, the first artificial intelligence to comprehend the mind state of others. Stewart worked at NASA and on the C++ standard library.

    Watching Professor Stewart laugh at my attempts at recursion and replace my 600-line program with FOUR LINES of code taught me more about elegance of algorithm design than 3 years of working at a normal programming company. Books and websites and forums will teach you specific details about individual languages, and they may touch on broader strokes like system design, patterns, recursion, references, closures, etc. But the best way to learn is to talk to the best.
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