Hi All
I am looking for an Old ASP Discussion Board script this may have been available for win 98 or win 2000 but I do not have a name, all I have is a link to the WAYBACK MACHINE I know its not much but some of the oldies here might recognize it from this page.

This script has been used by a small community since about 2000 some of these people are elderly and are so used to this format really do not want to change. Unfortunately the owner pulled the plug a few days ago and we are now left high and dry.

I am hoping to find a copy of the original scripts and start over.

I know its a long shot, If anyone could help in identifying and locating the script I would be most greatful.

As a new member I can not post links so its the Wayback Machine (archive.org) and the website was (tugtalk.co.uk)

Thank you