Greetings everyone!
I have been programming and doing web development for many years just for fun and on the side but it wasn't till recently that I fully committed to it. This past year. At the moment I have about 20 websites up and running that I am generating some revenue off of and looking to take a break from launching sites to focus on learning. I am self taught (Google, Youtube, Forums, etc,.) with no college experience and and wasn't able to graduate high school either. Everything I have so far learned I have done so in no specific order from various sources. So I feel I was unable to learn everything properly. That I have developed bad habits as a result.

Now that I am generating an income and I don't have to worry about a normal job I have the time to devote to learning all of this properly. By all of this I mean programming (HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, etc,.), seo, affiliate marketing, regular marketing, etc,. I'd like to 'relearn' everything from the ground up. I'd like to learn everything the proper way with good habits this time.

This brings me to my question/s. With all of this being said. Do any of you have advice on where I should start? I'm not looking to learn anything specific first. I'm not even sure where to start. As I said before I didn't have much for an education so when I say relearning everything I am going as basic as even relearning to type, spell, (overall grammar), relearning the programing languages I know from scratch, and more.

My main goal is to learn to build my own sites using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. After I am fluent enough with that I'll move on to PHP, MySQL, server side programming, and implementing the PHP into my websites I have made to make them more dynamic. Then naturally after that I'm thinking maybe I should learn SEO, and affiliate marketing and so on. So yeah, any advice, thoughts, or opinions would be great and appreciated. I'm open to anything. I know most of this stuff just not on a professional level and I assume I learned it in a way that made me develop bad habits. I'd like to start over fresh. I think it will allow me to be a better programmer. I guess the best way to tell me is to assume your giving advice to someone who knows very little about all of this. Thanks in advance and sorry for the long message!