Wasn't entirely sure where this belonged, so here goes... Have someone that wants me to set up a POS printer in their kitchen. The printer has 2 IDN ports (IDN1 and IDN2).

Epson TM-220B
Model: M188B
Config: C31C514A8801

Says the IDN ports need an RS-422 patch cable connection.

I did come across this page:

But wasn't sure exactly what needed to be done. I set up the rest of the POS system. The rest of the printers were directly connected to the POS systems via serial connection. This is the only printer not near a POS system.

There is a cable running from the server room, but the cable is cut at both ends (no connectors currently attached).

Any input on getting this set up would be appreciated.

I hadn't seen an IDN connection before, so this part is new to me.