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    Need narration to intro video of my site

    Hi, friends!

    On the way of struggling to bring my web-site to life, I thought it would be a good idea to have an introduction video clip for it, since the site functionality is not obvious (especially without registration).

    My colleague (who helps me in testing my site) recorded the video for me. However, here I stuck.

    The problem is that while my written English is poor, my spoken English is horrible at all. The same (or bit worse) with my colleague.

    I've tried to record the narrative anyway and attach it to video (it could be seen on the main page) a week ago.

    However, soon I'm going to rerecord the video (due to minor changes in functionality it becomes bit outdated) and I think it could be better to ask some native English speaker (preferably girl since I feel woman's voice will do a bit of positive marketing) to narrate the audio for me, for small award.

    However there some question arose:
    - what is the decent money award for such service (about 10 minutes, about 50% speaking time)?
    - how to do it, technically - add English subtitles to video and send it to person who is willing to help?
    - how to arrange payment (via paypal for example) - ask for sending part of audio for example and if it sounds OK, send the money to receive full version?
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    10 minutes speaking time = at least 80 minutes preparation

    Presentation is nearly always an iceberg scanario, the finished product is what's seen, and the work that goes into it (unseen) is what's below the surface. Just like a Titanic Cracker ...

    How to do it, I'd paste markers into a version of the movie at places where you want the commentary to start, and markers for where it has to be finished by, then you may need to reedit to allow for the video to catch up with the soundtrack where there may be a little overrun - the important thing is the commentary is not rushed, and sounds confident.

    Arranging payment - I'd ask potential commentators to submit a sample (of your creation, so you're marking on a level playing field), and make a selection based on the sample, and agree terms then with the selected commentator

    What is the decent money to award - How long's a piece of string. It's very much a subjective decision based on a number of factors, what's your budget, how much are you willing to pay for the 'right' version, will this person be retained as your 'company spokesperson', does this person know about recording copyright, and royalties ...

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