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    Help with setting up automatic SMS updates upon a web page update

    Hi there,

    There's a specific page on facebook.com, defined as a 'Page' on that website, so like a specific person's page but for a small organization. It would be very useful to me if whenever anyone posted a message on that page (which happens about 3-5 times a day) I could receive an SMS containing that person's message straight away - as opposed to several hours later when I have the time to check it manually.

    Since Facebook doesn't offer that, I understand I need to personally set up a system that checks for new posts, pay for the SMS to be sent - and work with an online service to set that up or do some manual work myself. Sadly I'm not familiar with web/mobile programming (or programming in general! Sorry! ) but I'm keen to learn and get something done about this.

    I'm wondering, can you point me in the right direction on this? For example, a web service I could sign up and pay for, that would let me set up auto-SMS for something like this. Or an existing project that had been worked on related to this type of problem, which I couldn't find because I was using the wrong keywords?

    Thank you for your help!
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    Facebook can email you on every comment, can't it? Why not just get a smartphone? Last time I used facebook (which was 3+ years ago) I was inundated with emails at all hours informing me of every tiny little interaction anyone had with anything I'd ever posted.

    This kind of service isn't generally easily available, or cheap. Email is your best bet.
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