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    Why not phpAdsNew

    With all due respect, why would you write a primer on phpAds? I didn't see a version updated since 2000, version 1.4 or 1.0.4, don't recall exactly which.

    phpAdsNew exits, is supposed to be based upon phpAds, and has been recently updated. Wouldn't it make more sense to provide a primer on phpAdsNew, or, have I missed something peculiar to phpAds which makes it superior to phpAdsNew?

    Thank you for your time.
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    More about phpAds and phpAdsNew

    Reeljustice raises an interesting point. phpAds has been dead for more than two years now. It isn't being maintained anymore and it still has a lot of bugs.

    As current project leader of phpAdsNew I may be a bit biased, but I hope I can give some insight into the differences between phpAds and its successor.

    phpAdsNew 1.5 up till 1.9 were based on the original source code and were created because the original creator of phpAds didn't have the time to maintain his project anymore.

    Currently we are very busy working on phpAdsNew 2, which is a complete rewrite. The development of phpAdsNew 2 has been under way for more than a year and will very soon be finished. The last of our Beta versions was released just a couple of days ago and brings many new features. Feature wise, phpAdsNew is simply not comparable with the original phpAds anymore. With much respect to the original author of phpAds, phpAdsNew has grown from a toy to a complete and professional solution for ad management.

    Just to show the popularity of phpAdsNew: it has been downloaded for more than 100.000 times the last year and is used on many large websites. Our project is one of the most active projects on Sourceforge (currently nr 3) and has a large and active user base.

    For more information about phpAdsNew visit: http://www.phpadsnew.com

    Niels Leenheer, niels@creatype.nl
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    Even more about phpAds(New)

    Featuring a primer for phpAds at this point has to an editorial oversight, and probably one that should be corrected, as it could lead people to wasting their time and . I literally just happened to visit DevShed directly from downloading and reading the announcement for the new phpAdsNew 2 Beta 7, and right before that, checking out the docs and installing Banners, another, simpler, GPL PHP ad/banner management system. Of open source apps, phpAdsNew seems to be in a class of its own as far as sophistication and features. As far as I've seen, and I've looked fairly well, there are only a couple of solid basic ad rotation applications, between Perl and PHP, and nothing other than phpAdsNew that approaches a professional platform.

    The first couple of pages of this phpAds article doesn't mention a context. If it's intended as a basic intro to ad management apps, and not a recommendation specifically for that program, maybe it should say so; even so, phpAds is not the best choice at this point even for an example.

    DevShed is great, and I'm being critical only to help ;-)
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    Commercial Break (A phpAds Primer)

    Commercial Break \(A phpAds Primer\)

    July 30, 2002 - Wanna make some money from your Web site? The simplest way to start is by opening it up to advertisers - and if you decide to go that route, you're going to need a capable banner management program to help you keep track of customers, banners and clicks. Lukily, we've got just the thing - say hello to phpAds.

    Please discuss this article in this thread. You can read the article here .
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    If you would like to see an article covering a particular topic, please post your request here.

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