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    Reasons to Keep Faith in Windows Phone 7

    This article looks at some reasons why Windows Phone 7 might still have a place in the smartphone market.

    Read the full article here: Reasons to Keep Faith in Windows Phone 7

    For more discussion go here: Blog Article Discussion
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    I have gone through the material you provided. Thanks for that, it was interesting. I have a Nokia Lumia 710 with Windows Phone 7 OS. I really like the phone and the OS as well. I am even developing an app for Windows Phone 7. There is a guide I use because it provides code examples. I belive that people should not look down on Windows Phone OS because there are potentials in it. Think about when Android came out, it was not a good OS but look at it now. The same is true for Windows Phone. Have a look at the new Lumia 820 and 920 they are great phones.
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    The "person" you're talking to is a headline-posting bot, not a real person.

    However, I'm a real person.

    I don't think Windows Phone has a very good chance of competing. When Android came out, it had demonstrable advantages over iOS. It could multi-task, it had free turn-by-turn navigation, it integrated tightly with google's cloud services, and it was an open platform. Microsoft isn't filling a niche. It's a tightly controlled operating system (so you can't hack it like android) with serious stability problems (so it's less reliable than the iThings), an awful app library (1/10 of what android had within 6 months, and less than 1% of what either android or iOS has now), and no concrete benefits because MS has no cloud/mobile services (android can connect to exchange natively).

    I only know one person who has a windows phone, and he got it for free to use as a dev kit. He says he doesn't use it much because it crashes all the time and doesn't do what he wants it to do. It stays in his drawer at work. While anecdotal, it's pretty damning evidence.

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