I am thinking of getting Studio MX however there seem to be two versions of Studio - one is about half the price of the other. The Macromedia part number for the cheaper version is WPD070I40 and the more expensive one is WPD070I110. Here are two links to both the products...I'm just wondering what is the main difference between the two and why one is so much more expensive that the other (i.e is the cheap version far more limited in some way)? Are there any other versions of Studio I should consider (i.e any other Macromedia Part No.s), and if I get the cheap version will I be very limited in what I can do?

Cheaper version: http://www.morecomputers.co.uk/extra.asp?pn=WPD070I400&referer=ciao
More expensive version: http://www.morecomputers.co.uk/extra.asp?pn=WPD070I110&referer=ciao

Also, can anyone tell which version is on this link http://www.soft-sale.biz/?page=studiomx2004&pid=9583&cart=

Studio seems extremely cheap on the latter link... can anyone see drawbacks purchasing from this company? I do live in the UK but they say international orders are something they do.

Many thanks for any help.