I am posting this in the Development Software section as I think my issue is down to Eclipse

I am importing a webservice into java. Eclipse created all the libraries needed without a problem. It doesn't however, create a method for me to access the header security elements I need to enter in order for me to authenticate on the server side. How do I import my WSDL in eclipse and get it to retain the header information?

the XML structure looks like this, Eclipse creates classes for everything except the bit in the <Header>

Some more info unrelated to eclipse on what I tried, putting it here for background, not troubleshooting.....

I have tried ant scripts as well, there I get the following error, which is down to the jaxb encoding the webservice apparently is in.

[wsimport] [ERROR] undefined attribute 'soapenc:arrayType'
I have also tried inserting the header info, but all the examples on the internet requires the webservices class created to implement javax.xml.ws.Binding.