Hi All,

First of all, I'm extremely sorry if I've posted this thread in the wrong forum. Moderators kindly move it to the right group.

I've got a new project to do but this time its something which I'm not able to think about . I've never ever done this before in my past experience.

I'm required to develop a software/website (in any language:-PhP/ASP. I dont know ASP.net), i dont know what to call it, which will run on internet. This is mainly an online teaching module. Its main required features are listed below:

1) A Teacher at main system will address/give lectures to all the students at their system. This will be in audio format(Voice feature)
2) If any student have any doubts, he/she will ping the teacher. Teacher can accept/reject this request. If accepted, then the student can speak his/her doubts to teacher.
3) The teacher can also talk privately to any student
4) Need to include a Web dictionary also supporting around 10 different languages. Student/teacher need not to google around to search meaning of any word.
5) If teacher or any student has web cam, so they can record their own video and can upload to our server or share with each other
6) Teacher/student can capture screen shot of their desktop and upload to our server/share with each other

This software has already been made using Visual Basic, not by me ofcourse, and I can never have the software source code. Now I'm required to replica it for the WEB.

Can anyone help me to know which language will be the best for this project: PhP OR ASP. Any guidelines or web links for developing the above requirements.

I feel ASP could be the best b'coz i think, i think that PhP does not have a good support to windows components which could be used for audio thing!!
Just a thought...

Please help me guys. Its very very important for me. Please reply as soon as you guys can.

Thanks & Regards,