I represent Jmanage - The Job Search Manager( , which is a comprehensive tool designed for Job seekers to perform a successful job search, and end up with a dream job they always wanted.

This easy to use tool, also acts as a contact and communication manager for job seekers in addition to being a performance monitor with spectacular graphs and charts. In this age of information, having relative and summary information handy regarding the position, the employer is inevitable when addressing the employer.

Utilizing accurate and precise information rather than generic babbling is noticed to pay off, and lead to an leading edge for the applicant over competition. Jmanage is designed to address these issues faced by today’s job seekers, and thereby designed to act as a one-point reference to all the information needed by job seeker.

Jmanage lets a job seeker to drill down to specific details of a job, and would still let the job seeker capture the big picture of his entire job search. It was devised with simplicity in mind. Tracking a job involves Add Job Info. > Add Communication to accumulate information, and View Jobs > Detail Job > List Communication as a way to refer to the communications performed so far with regards to a particular job.

Currently Jmanage is seeking alliances from several job sites, either on simple mutual banner-exchange basis, or a higher level database linkage such as ability for the job seeker to automatically add job to Jmanage for tracking purposes. We are open to any sustainable ideas presented to us, and we hope this will be a deal beneficial for both the involved parties.

Also, We welcome all of you to review us.

Suneel K
Architect of Jmanage