Hi, folks.

I'm going to start doing some work for clients, and need a web-based tool (free/open source preferably) whereby clients can log in and see the status of a job which I'm doing for them.

I would like a tool with a nice modern interface, and which can be hosted on a Windows platform. I'd like it to be used by lots of people, so I have good support when things go wrong. :-)

I have brosed across a few tools such as osTicket, http://collabtive.o-dyn.de/, but they dont seem to tick the boxes. It doesn't have to render gantt charts and have calendars etc It just needs to be a tool which allows a client to log and and see job updates. (I'm debating writing one, but there must be a ready made solution for this?)

I'm hoping there are lots of freelancers on this site who have experience in this field? Could Drupal/Joomla be used to achieve this?

Thanks for any help.