Unsure which forum to post this in as I'm trying to avoid developing something to do this.

I want to have a dynamic screen saver that will show .ppt or web content (http). Found the following product online (http://www.web-screen-saver.com/) which works perfectly for this and a bunch of features.

For the web content, I don't want to hit a website every 60 seconds to get the latest content so the software offers the option to store a local copy of the page and refresh it on a less aggressive schedule (example: every 2hrs). Downside is the page I'm interested in has a java applet on it and so this won't work.

So I started looking for another application that could take a screenshot of the site on a scheduled basis. I have found several including (http://www.webpagethumbnailer.com) that say they support Java & javascript. Unfortunately, they don't work and end up producing a screenshot like the following.

Note: the website shown isn't the one I'm interested in but duplicates the issue nicely (http://www.dinkytown.net/java/CAMortgageLoan.html). BTW - Dinkytown has some great calculators!

Output from batch screen capture

Desired output