Hey there.

Ive done something really stupid. I used Dreamweaver yesterday and every time i opened a php document, it asked if i wanted to display the contents of included files. So i said yes, and clicked the "Dont ask me again" .. so, now every time i save a document with an include statement, it displays this:
<MM:BeginLock translatorClass="MM_SSI" type="ssi" orig="%3C?PHP include('menu.php');?%3E" fileRef="menu.php"><img src="file:///C|/Programmer/Macromedia/Dreamweaver MX/Configuration/ThirdPartyTags/PHP.gif"><MM:EndLock>
insted of:

<?PHP include('menu.php');?>
How do i disable this, so it saves the actual include statement instead of this mumbo jumbo code?