My ISP does not provide download of raw apache log files, instead I can download all those history files, those corresponding configuration files are also available. However, the HTML report files can not be found, actually it seems they are always generated on the fly and accessed via a browser.

My question is, how can I generate those report HTML files based on the config and history files, but without the raw apache log files? I tried to find relevant section in the FAQ (, but only a paragraph of not to modify the history file content at one's will is found.

Anyone can give me some hints? My home machine is running Windows, having cygwin & perl, etc. installed. Awstats 6.2 has also been extracted to the C:\Program Files\Awstats directory. The downloaded histroy files were generated with AWSTATS DATA FILE 5.7 (build 1.568) at the server side (linux no wonder).

Thanks in advance!