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    Best WIN Webdesign Software

    Hi, i am looking to upgrade and change what i currently use and thorought i would ask the question as to whats currently the best design software and why.

    I am using and have been for the past 6 years Go Live, i absolutely love it, and ive tried Dreamweaver about 6 years ago and just couldnt get into it at all, just seemed so messy. Not sure if things have changed from then to now, i am sure it has.

    Interested to know what eveyone that is a designer uses, Go Live destroys the layouts in layout mode, and its very hard to type when you cant see where you are, however it renders correctly, so sometimes when you open up the page its all layout as it should be and the next time it will be all on top of each other, so its time to upgrade now as much as it pains me to say.

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    It has been a long time...

    Since you've looked last, Adobe has bought out Macromedia, so they now distribute Dreamweaver. They have also discontinued Go-Live, so you can't buy that product new any more.

    As far as designers go, most designers will use either Dreamweaver because it integrates with Photoshop/Fireworks, or they will use a text editor and do it all by hand. to be honest, doing it by hand is by far a preferable way. That way you know just what everything is doing and why. Pretty much every WYSIWYG editor will screw things up somewhere along the line. Some re just worse then others, but none are "great". I've got Dreamweaver where I work, and I haven't used anything but the code view since... I can't even remember, but it's at least 4-5 years now.
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    Coding by hand is definitely the way to go...
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    In my early days of web development, I did use Dreamweaver.
    But as one who rather do coding my hand, I currently use:
    Free software - Codelobster PHP or Bluefish.
    Paid software - Rapid PHP (IDE)

    Why I like Codelobster PHP?
    Toolbar has all the web tools.
    Has preview mode.
    Shows opening/closing tags.
    Highlights tag when not closed.
    When you hover over the img it shows a thumbnail of the image.
    When you hover over the hexidecimal color code, a thumbnail of the color is displayed.
    Has plugins for joomla, drupal, wordpress, etc (not free though).
    There is more, and it is free.

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