I am trying to do all recomendations and searched in google, so finally I bought my ssl certificate, I asked my host to install it wich they did.
However I get a message in internet explorer I dont like, a popup comes up in the bottom
saying that only secure content will be viewed, and a link where it explains how to see if it is secure.

And the look shows color red, with translated with google translator
says this: "Failed to verify the authenticity of a certificate or certification authority that issued it. This could indicate a
problem with the web site of the issuing entity."

Also in firefox and in Chrome it states in conexion: "The site does not use compression SSL"

Im not sure if there is something wrong and if problem with certificate or installing.

Regarding paypal, I opened a sandbox account, I did a seller and a buyer account, I followed the instructions from this tutorial and am testing the ipn at this moment:

When I go to test tool and test the ipn I should get an email or an error in my errorlog.
I gets an error saying this:
cURL error: [77] error setting certificate verify locations:
CAfile: /home/mysite/public_html/cert/api_cert_chain.crt
any ideas?