Hi, I know that topic is broad, but I'll try to narrow it down.

I'm a moderator for a large open-source software development forum. We have members who are programmers, but the majority are users of our software, many trying to learn how to develop extensions and plugins. We currently have two sides of our site, the community forum, and the public site where everyone's project information and files are stored.

We're thinking of introducing a new initiative where the programmer members mentor the not-so-experienced users. However, the administrators believe that our forum software might not be well enough suited to this purpose. Like I said, the other site is the center of development, but has little to do with the community. So I'm looking to possibly add a third site, for groups of users to join and be taught by mentors.

It doesn't have to be a forum (in fact shouldn't be, due to redundancy) but it needs to have a way to group individuals with a mentor and have easy correspondence within the group. Video conferencing/screen viewing, at least on the side of the mentor, is also important. Please respond if you know of any open-source in-browser software capable of providing this or similar functionality! If there is one that isn't open-source, please link to that too, as the administrators might still consider it.

Thank you!