I am new, and will be hanging around for some time to learn the ropes - So please feel free to correct me on anything which needs correcting, I'm here to learn!

I've tried searching for the answers (best programming languages for specific website purposes), but I know depends highly on what the user intends to do with it. So, it might be best to list my intentions for the website for specific suggestions.

1. Firstly, it will be a membership site. This seems to be the most tricky, as they'll have to sign up, have their own profiles, and perhaps a little customization.

2. I'd like them to be able to upload videos, music and pictures and post comments on each other but this isn't major. However, it might need restrictions so the website doesn't go down the dodgy route... For this reason, I didn't want to start with a website builder as I don't think it would give me a level of customisation that's good enough. If the consensus is that it's easier/smarter, I could skip video, and just borrow youtube embedding.

If anyone has any experience with this, how complicated does it get with your suggested programming language?

3. Media - Considering a platform to combine pictures into slideshows, albums, etc?

4. Shopping cart? I'm toying with the idea of this, but it might be difficult. Things like security to consider...

There's a few other smaller ideas, but those above are the hardest, I think. Also, I'm new to programming. But I'll put the time and effort in, no matter how long this takes!