I am using Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, and in the footer.tpl.php file, there is a field that covers the Width 0f the page footer with hot text that takes you to another page on the site. I have been trying to add social buttons in the bottom at the same level as the hot text but on the opposite side of the page. For me can do that, I need to split the field in half. I have been trying to either split that field in half or add another field on the right side at the same level, Dreamweaver isnít letting me do that. Instead, it adds a field either above or below the field. And if I try to change the position of the curser at the end of the hot text, it moves everything in that field to that position. Iíve seen on other pages of my site where there is more than one field on the same horizontal level. Why isnít it letting me do that? What can I do to change that? Below is the code for the field.

<div class="footerfont1"> <b></b>
<? if ($layout['is_terms']) { ?>
<a href="<?=process_link('content_pages', array('page' => 'terms'));?>"><?=MSG_BTN_TERMS;?></a>
<? } ?>
<? if ($layout['is_pp']) { ?>
and <a href="<?=process_link('content_pages', array('page' => 'privacy'));?>"><?=MSG_BTN_PRIVACY;?></a>
<? } ?>
<div align="center" style="padding: 5px; color: #666666;">

I hope someone knows Dreamweaver and can help me with this.
Thank You