Good evening from Oslo, Norway.

I am looking for recommendations for a privacy and performance oriented visitor analytics solution. Its for personal projects. I would prefer a self-hosted solution (LAMP-stack) because of the privacy requirement. However, a reasonably priced—for an individual—hosted solution that delivers on this would also be acceptable.

So … whats good these days? I’m interested in two key figures: what pages are popular right now (and historically), and what is the long-tail traffic gain of new pages added.

I have evaluated Piwik. It seems to be the darling of the self-hosted open-source solutions. Unfortunately, it slows down page loading way too much. There looks to been given very little focus on fast and efficient delivery of the tracking code. In my tests, the Piwik analytics code slowed down my sites loading times by a much as 89 %. Unacceptable. Piwik’s choice for what data to present is also focused a lot on technical details about the visitors rather than the visitors themselves and whether my content is being received well or not.