Hey everyone, new guy here. I'm working on developing an online news feed system for my college. My idea is to have a central database wherein announcements and news from different departments is entered and stored. I'd have two frontends, one website and one android/ios app. When a user visits the website or opens the app, current news is fetched from the database and presented to the user. News in the database is organised department-wise into "channels", so the user can choose which channels they want to view or subscribe to.

I'd have to provide some kind of app or web interface for the dept people to enter info into their respective channels on the DB. The website has other content in addition to the news feed, and it's been planned to be built using Wordpress. So the news feed would be like one page or one small area of a page on the site. Also planned is to provide user accounts to students to control access to channels and save their channel subscriptions, among other stuff.

I'd be glad if you guys provide me a comprehensive walkthrough of how i might go about building such a system.