Hello distinguished colleagues!
I want to introduce you to a simple and convenient cms DataLife Engine (DLE).

  • News And Articles Publication - Powerful news and articles publication system with plenty of options
  • Templates - Convenient template system, which allows to make the website design without any knowledge of programming languages
  • Social Networks - User authentication on your website using social networks accounts
  • Multiuser Engine - Flexible configuration of users and groups, as well as their access rights
  • Video/Audio - Quick and simple system that allows to insert multimedia content in articles
  • Performance - It provides maximum performance with minimal server load
  • Personal Messages - System of personal message exchange between users
  • Advertising Materials Management- Advertising materials management system for your website
  • Comments - Powerful and convenient comments system for articles
  • Mailings - The system of sending messages and notifications to users of your website
  • Flexible settings - Engine features settings system allows you to optimize the engine to fit your needs

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Please leave your opinion about this CMS, the prediction and criticism is welcomed.

Thank you for attention.