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    Strange dns situation...

    OK - I have two dns servers - located in different locations.

    both are in the same domain - let's call them

    dns2.mycompany.com (not a secondary to dns1) - it's a primary like dns1

    dns1 is authoritative for mycompany.com

    dns1 goes down.

    since the soa for mycompany.com is on dns1 the IP address dns2 is on dns1 - dns2 cannot be found when dns1 is down..

    does this make sense? because when I pull the plug on dns1 things go down hill fast.

    and I can't enter an ip address for a dns server at Dotster.

    idea - I'm thinking I just create a new domain for dns2 and making dns2 authoritative for that domain so that dns resolves even when dns1 is down.


    thanks in advance.
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    The IP addresses for ns1 and ns2 should be in the glue records you set up with the registrar. Regardless if they are set up in a mast-mast or mast-slave, if the IP's are right, it should work. Now if for some reason you only have ns1 in the glue records and ns2 is ONLY resolvable from a query directly to ns1, yeah all your stuff would go down if ns1 failed. It wouldn't be worth having 2 name servers at that point.

    I first heard of Dotster today actually because I had to deal with the fallout of their MX record mishap on all their domains. They really screwed a lot of people over with that but it's unrelated here I guess. So I don't know much about them but if I couldn't fully control where my name servers are and where they point to, I would switch providers. I found the link below online, so I'm not sure if you tried that already or if something changed but it's a short video of what you need essentially.


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