I'm trying to set up a web server and a DNS server on the same machine so that everyone can access it just like a normal web site. Following along in Sybex's "Mastering Windows Server 2003" book (my gosh, it's soooo complicated), I set up my DNS. I am behind a Linksys router, and I have 2 machines behind it. However, they are not configured as a client-server system, so the second machine is independent of the webserver and all this web stuff that Im doing. It is just a machine sharing my internet connection.

HERE IS MY PROBLEM: After setting everything up including DNS and IIS, and after waiting 24 hrs so that changes at the domain name registrars can take effect, I was able to access my site by typing in http://www.imbellis.net ON THE WEB SERVER MACHINE. I was also able to access my site by typing in the same address on my 2ND MACHINE. (so I assume that my local DNS server is working correctly). However, when I asked my friends to access my site from their home computers, they could not. (You can try it yourself). By the way, I am using host headers in IIS if that makes any difference. And I'm pretty sure I got my IIS setup correctly. Oh, and Im running the web server/dns server on Windows Server 2003 and using IIS 6.0.

Below is all the info I know about my setup, and hopefully someone can make some sense out of it and help me. Please let me know what I didnt do, AND EQUALLY IMPORTANT, please let me know what I did that was not necessary (so that I can change the setting back to the way it was).

Domain Name Registrar
- Domain: www.imbellis.net
- I created two nameserver entries (ns1.imbellis.net, ns2.imbellis.net) with the same IP address (of my router), and associated them with www.imbellis.net. This means I am registering my to-be name server with my domain name registrar so that the public can access it, right?

- WAN IP (which is for the router) :
- Gateway:
- DNS servers: and
- The IP is dynamic, but it rarely changes, so I'm using it anyway. Plus, my website is really not critical ( I turn my pc off every night. LOL)

Linksys router (Local IP:
- I disabled its DHCP function and gave my machine static IP:
- I selected "Static IP" for "WAN connection type" and input all the ISP info.
- Under the "Filters" tab, I disabled the "Block WAN request" option (Is this necessary?)
- Under "Fowarding" tab, and on the "uPnP Fowarding screen", I forwarded both port 53 UDP (DNS) and port 80 TCP (HTTP) to (Is forwarding port 80 necessary?)

My Computer
- Computer name: "weed"
- DNS suffix: "nameserver"

DNS Server
- I have a forward lookup zone called "imbellis.net"
- This zone has 4 records:

1) (same as parent) (SOA) [19],weed.nameserver.,my.email
2) (same as parent) (NS) weed.nameserver.
3) weed (A)
4) www (CNAME) weed.imbellis.net

- For the NS record, initially there was no IP address listed. I had to manually type in the IP. It's now listed but in brackets "[]". What do the brackets mean?