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    Win2k dns server

    Would someone be able to tell me which records need to be created to properly setup a zone for one domain on a win2k server, using win2k dns server. As of now everything seems to be running correctly, only I would really like to know that I have the correct records created. I have one static IP, from my registrar the domain is pointing to the name servers ns1 and ns2 (I know this isn't the way it should be done) with the same IP. Now what I really would like to know is what records I need after the new zone is created in the win2k dns server. Do i need to create two host records for ns1 and ns2 ? Plus a host for www and any sub domains I need. I am using apache 1.3 and the conf file is working nicely.
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    you seem to have everything under control. The only other thing you might want to add is a wildcard host.

    $ORIGIN example.com.

    @ SOA ns.domain.com. email.domain.com. etc...

    @ A

    * CNAME @

    That's one example. In this example you don't need to set a www host since it would be handled by the *.
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    I asume this is the Microsft DNS Server provided with Win2k Server

    the Win2k DNS Server should create an NS record for you and it will loop back to its self there is no need to create an A record for NS1 etc. also if you have more than one name server you do not need to create NS or A records for them allthough you should set these servers in the properties of your DNS Server.

    After that just create a single A record such as www
    and then create CNAME records for all the hosts you wish to use E.G> ftp, mail etc set these to use the www A record
    you will need to also create a CNAME record whose host field is left blank this will allow you to resolve yourdomain.com with out the host information also you will want to create an MX record for your domain which maps to your single A record beeing sure to create the associated reverse lookup record

    Using a Single A record simplifies the task of updating records should your Ip ever change.

    Sam Land

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