Hello everyone , I recently setup the DNS and IIS on my windows 2008 ...

There are several questions to ask

1) I have setup a simple test site .. If my computer can connect to my own internal IP to view the website, How do i able to configure the outside PC to be connected to this website ..for example: my wan ip is .... How do I let people who can enter this URL and also get to my internal IP website. Is there anything i need to do with my router settings to add port mapping allows corresponds to .... so others can connect on this page???

2) If the first questoin is established,. I want corresponds to my internal IP. Do I need to registere domain name abc.com? and How do I configure the Host name (A record) and new Alias (CNAME)

Before I ask these questions, I've tried many times already .but my domain name is abc.com. Is the website name can be the same with domain name?? Otherwise no way to successfully connect to it.