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    Zones, NameServers, Aliases, help!

    Okay I have a domain (www.didesigns.net) registered. It has been using my ISP's nameservers until today. My Registrar allows the creation of nameservers, so I created them:

    ns1.didesigns.net points to ->
    ns2.didesigns.net points to ->

    I don't know if it matters that I use different IP's, but my ISP only gives me one.

    Now I think all that's left, is to set up my DNS with name servers, zone files, blabla.

    I use Windows 2000 advanced server with it's built in DNS service.

    If anyone could possibly explain to me how to correctly create a zone, configure the name servers, and how to create something so that *.didesigns.net points to my IP Address.

    I don't know what a lot of these terms mean (zone, zone file, records, aliases, etc.)

    Well if anyone has any tips or links to great in-depth tutorials on how to set this up, that would be great. The effect of my domain pointing to my name servers should take effect within 3 days.

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    ns1 and ns2 must have the different IP, which you will need the two static IPs..

    Learn to use the search, take the look -> namedb rejecting, what does it means? .. It should give you the idea..
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    In The Same Boat

    Hi I want to create my own nameservers also using Win2K advanced server and MS DNS management.

    I have found out the following things but am still a bit unclear in some areas hopefully someone elase can fill us both in with this.

    I have two IPs 217.158.xxx.x01 and 217.158.xxx.x02

    Each one is assigned to a different server - called web1.triangle-solutions.com and web2.triangle-solutions.com respectively.

    Now my Domain name company will register Nameservers for me which involves them pointing the IP address to the host - this is what I understand anyway. I have done this several times and use CRSNIC to check that this has been done - it does happen but then due to errors they are deleted again.

    The errors I think are due to reverse lookup problems and the fact that my domain triangle-solutions.com is pointed somewhere else.

    To check for errors - I have been using the tool Sam Spade - which is freely available to download as a windows program from Sam Spade When I do an nslookup on the machine it returns back with no reverse record specified.

    Now I have no real idea of how to create a reverse lookup in MS dns there is an option to do this - set in the ip address and it autmatically sets the in-arpa address or something - now do I need to create a manual PTR record for something? I am not sure if someone has an ouput from an NT box then it would be helpful.

    Now Forward records I think are not necessary to get the ball rolling with nameservers as they are forward looking and DNS is all about looking up or reverse then I dont think I need to worry about that again not sure.

    Lastly the problems I have been having revolve around the fact of my domain triangle-solutions.com - I bought it through easily.co.uk and have control to point this domain to any nameserver currently I use a company called interhost, where my old server is - I want to ditch this and set my own up. Easily have told me to ask interhost to put a record in there dns to point to my new nameservers to get them going but I am ditching them and so dont want them to do this! So I cannot get my machines going without pointing triangle-solutions.com there but how do I do this. And what else do I need to set up for the nameservers to be functional.

    Believe me I have read so much to get this far and am confused but still need to get this done and simply want a step by step instruction manual to do this; once I know how to do this I guarantee I will write one for others.

    Hopefully this is a start and we can go from here to get the job done.

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