I have two domain names domain1.com, and domain2.com… I am trying to create my own DNS server on a W2K server.

The W2K server is also an ISA Server, (Firewall/Proxy Server)…Meaning it sits between the internet and my local LAN. It has two network interfaces. The internet facing network has a total of 6 static IPs. The internal network is using a plethora of unroutable IPs. The ISA server is “wide open”, letting all traffic in and out.

My registrar has allowed me to specify two DNS name servers, which will host my domain names. I have created ns1.domain1.com, and ns1.domain2.com, and pointed both names to one of my static IPs. The static IP is my W2K server’s IP address. I created two primary forward lookup zones for my two domain names.

Forward Lookup Zone 1
- The W2K forward lookup wizard automatically creates the SOA, and NS record, I then create two alias addresses, www and ftp for domain1.com.
- Then I create a host record, ns1.domain1.com and point it to the static IP address that I registered with my registrar.
- I then double click on the SOA record and add the ns1.domain1.com host record as a Name Server.

Forward Lookup Zone 2
- Matches the above setup.

I also created a reverse lookup zone .

This is my first attempt at setting up a DNS server. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.