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    Nameserver problem after server migration

    Trying to figure out what could have happened here, with no joy from support at our dedicated hosting. Here it is:

    1. A month ago, migrated dedicated Linux server, resulting in new IP#. We host our own nameservers, e.g. ns1.oursite.com

    2. Today, couldn't reach one of the domain accounts on the server, e.g. mainsite.com, by Web, ping, anything. Server still up, other accounts reachable.

    3. After several hours, discovered that registrar (GoDaddy) after a month, still had the old server IP#s assigned to our nameservers. The outage happened after we received a notice this morning that the old server subaccount we had migrated from had been closed, so I guess the old nameserver IPs suddenly no longer worked.

    4. Problem resolved after GoDaddy manually updated nameservers to new IP.

    Our DNS records appear properly updated, NS1 and NS2, to the new server IP. This was all done by the dedicated provider during the migration, and checked then and today.

    GoDaddy says polling should have detected the new IP long ago. Dedicated host says it happens that registrars don't update.

    Is there possibly a record upstream from our nameservers at our dedicated provider that wasn't updated, or is this likely a registrar issue?

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    The registrar is where you would have registered the nameservers. If they have been changed there when you migrated, then it's probably not a registrar issue. This would be easier to help if we had a domain to check and/or zone file contents.
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    Have you tried checking on intodns.com and seeing what ips your nameservers are currently pointing to?

    If its the old ip then you need to contact go daddy.

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